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The truly prominent, profoundly noteworthy and incredibly all encompassing Mandi is spread out Waterway Beas. A commercial center and a previous capital of the august state, the legacy town holds its notable charm and character. The town was established in 1526 Advertisement and at the creation of Himachal Pradesh on 15 April, 1948 it made the locale headquarter by merger of the august states of Mandi and Suket.
Besides the waterway ghats and among the town’s boulevards are over 80 stone built sanctuaries that are beautified with devout themes and well chiselled icons of divine beings and goddesses. Ruler Shiva as the most divinity of Bhootnath, Trilokinath, Panchvaktra and other vital sanctuaries has appointed Mandi as the ‘Varanasi of the Hills’ as ‘Choti Kashi’.
For its sanctuary engineering, ancient royal residence and wealthy conventions, Mandi is so regularly considered as the social capital of the state. A weeklong celebration of Shivratri, held each year in February-March, is when the complete town wears a embellishing see. Over 200 town divinities (Devtas) with their adherents from close and distant visit Mandi for Shivratri where slows down loaded with neighborhood stock are set up; presentations, donning occasions and engaging social programs within the nighttimes are held to total the happy minutes of the fair.

Language talked: Hindi, Punjabi and English are caught on and talked by the individuals locked in in tourism exchange. Inhabitants of Mandi as a rule utilize Mandyali, the neighborhood tongue, in their each day communication.
Clothing basics: In summer, Mandi can get hot and sticky just like the Indian fields, making cotton clothing the favored choice, but in winter the mercury can plunge to sub 5-degree Celsius and overwhelming woolen clothing is essential.

How to Reach:
Air: The closest airplane terminal for Mandi is at Bhuntar, Kullu. The airplane terminal is 60 Km from Mandi.
Rail: The closest broad gauge prepare voyages up to Pathankot, from where a limit gage prepare gets to Jogindernagar. The 55 km distance from Jogindernagar to Mandi must be secured by road.
Road: Mandi is congenial by street from Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi. Extravagance and conventional buses interface Mandi to other traveler towns of Manali, Palampur and Dharamshala.

Things to do:

Stroll through Indira Advertise and Subhash Garden
Indira Market, a circular complex on the fringe of Subhash Cultivate, is the most shopping arcade of the town. A clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) built in 1939 may be a remainder of the colonial times when all the days planning was controlled by this open observe. This three storied pagoda fashion tower within the town center is portion of the most showcase.
In the advertise you’ll be able choose up stylishly made stone and metal relics, gently handcrafted rugs, carpets, wooden craftware, conventional adornments, calfskin chappals (shoes) and more. The well kept up Subhash Cultivate is a incredible put to relax.
Visit the towns exceedingly loved temples
A walk past the colourful and active back streets of Ancient Mandi’s Bazar gets to Baba Bhootnath sanctuary. Built at the time when the town was established, the temple is devoted to Ruler Shiva. Shivratri, the most celebration of Mandi, gets underway after Mahdo Rai and other divinities make a visit to Bhootnath sanctuary.
As you take after the way to the waterway, there is the amazing Victoria Bridge, an engineering wonder built in 1877. The stream bank is dabbed with ghats and stone sanctuaries, all built within the Shikhara style.
One of the finest sanctuaries within the entire valley is the Panchvaktra temple built at the conversion of Stream Suketi with Beas. The hallowed place houses a five confronted symbol of Master Shiva within the sanctum sanctorum. For its engineering magnificence and fine sculptural carvings the sanctuary is pronounced a National Legacy Location monument.
Another vital sanctuary of Mandi is the Trilokinath sanctuary. It houses an icon of a three faced Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.
Visit the Tarna Mata temple
Overlooking Mandi town, it may be a wonderful tough walk to urge to Tarna Mata sanctuary. Devoted to Shyama Kali, an incarnation of goddess Parvati, the temple can too be come to by engine transport. The sanctuaries yard could be a great put to unwind and appreciate all encompassing sees of the slopes around with the bustling Mandi town below.

Festivals and Mela:

Mandi Shivratri Fair
Mandi town with its old sanctuaries wraps itself in colour and flare for Shivratri, a week long celebration held each year. It’s moreover a time when hundreds of nearby gods carried by human bearers in intricately beautified palanquins assemble to connect the festivities.
All the Devi’s and Devta’s cast in precious metals riding in their palanquins are dressed with streaming and colourful fabrics. When swayed in rhythm to a energetic drum beat by the going with people groups, these deities taking an interest within the cheer may be a exhibition to view. On entering the town, they make their to begin with call at the Madho Rai Sanctuary, and at that point continue to pay respect to Ruler Shiva at the Bhootnath Sanctuary.
Grand parade of men wearing colourful turbans, social nighttimes, shows, sports and savoury dhams (neighborhood dishes served in a leafy platter) together with the gathering of gods makes Mandi Shivratri a devout and social swarm puller for local people and visitors alike.
In mid April, Baisakhi is celebrated with much exhibit over the locale with numerous trekking to the mountaintop sacred lake at Prashar. Numerous town fairs are moreover held for the event where wrestling bouts, moving and bows and arrows competitions are a huge attraction.

Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri Mela
During the Chaitra Navratri in March/April and Ashwin Navratra’s in September/October a huge number of travelers do visit the Tarna and the Bhima Kali Mata sanctuaries of Mandi to seek gifts of Goddess Durga.

Places Near by:

Vast pastures, captivating sees of snow clad ranges and untrodden territories of Janjheli are quick taking their put on a traveller’s schedule. The ranches and plantations spread over delicate inclines with powerful deodar (Cedar) and oak timberlands scaling the statures deliver Janjehli a energetic country charm. It may be a trekkers charm and serves as a base for a few trekking courses to places like Shikari Devi, Kamrunag, Chindi, Karsog and Shoja that are in simple reach from the valley. The 15 km journey to Shikari Devi, the most elevated mountain of locale could be a exceptionally prevalent with day climbers. Janjehli can as it were be come to by street and is 85 km from Mandi.

Shikari Devi

Towering over the locale, Shikari Devi at an elevation of 3359 meters is known as the crown of Mandi. It is the most noteworthy crest of the locale. Whereas the encompassing zones get a parcel of snow, supernaturally the wind development keeps the top dry indeed in profound winter. With supernatural atmosphere and impressive display, Shikari Devi top is topped by a roofless sanctuary devoted to a goddess. This Shikari Devi crest is 101 km from Mandi and 15 km from Janjheli.

Kamru Annoy Lake

Revered as a rain god, Kamrunag was expelled from the incredible Mahabharata fight for having sided with the Kaurava strengths. The story goes that the wind god was deceived into making an advertising of his head to Master Krishna some time recently he might reach the front line. In return for his give up and dedication, Kamrunag was favored in being able to witness the epic fight from Kamru mountain itself. To do so, his separated head was put other than a lake from where he seem see the Kauravas and Pandavas fight the Mahabharata. A wooden sanctuary stands at the put where the deity Kamru Nag is housed other than the lake.

A two-day reasonable is held at Kamrunag in mid-June. Pioneers merge to the mountain best location in expansive numbers each year to create offerings of gold, adornments and coins by tossing them into the heavenly lake. The advertising made look for the god favors and is checked as a great sign. Kamrunag lake and sanctuary can as it were be come to on foot. From Rohanda, Kamru Slope may be a 5 km tough journey and from Mandi it is at a driving remove of 55 kms.

Rewalsar Lake

The holly waters of Rewalsar with an plenitude of angle is held sacrosanct by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists alike. In near vicinity to each other, other than the lake, stands a Gurdwara, a Buddhist religious community and three sanctuaries, and each confidence devotee unreservedly takes part in a devout life with no cause for caution from anybody. An forcing statue of Padmasambhava ignoring the little township includes to the devout sanctity of the put. Angling in not permitted within the lake but sightseers and local people can nourish the fish.

At a separate of 25 Km from Mandi, Rewalsar could be a much gone to put by pilgrims and tourists.

Prashar Lake

This perfect lake with a three storied pagoda like sanctuary devoted to the sage Prashar may be a backpacker’s heaven. Found at an height of 2,730 meters, the lakes profound blue waters are considered sacrosanct. Prashar, a learned Hindu sage is accepted to have thought other than the lake. In June a reasonable is held by the lakeside. There are several camping sites on the outskirts of Prashar and numerous simple to difficult graded treks to investigate within the locale. Prashar is 45 km from Mandi.

Tarna Devi Hill

Overlooking Mandi township within the valley, on Tarna Slope is the 17th-century Syamakali Sanctuary committed to goddess Kali. Being a partner of Master Shiva, the goddess is adored for her fierceness in managing with fiendish. Other vital sanctuaries are the Mahamritunjya Sanctuary, which houses a Ruler Shiva symbol sitting in a reflective pose. There’s too a Ganpati Sanctuary and a Bhima Kali sanctuary on the bank of the waterway. There are numerous other sanctuaries at Mandi that preserve the town’s heritage.

Mandi too includes a Sikh association. Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Master, did spend some time within the put amid a time when he was pursuing a war against Aurangzeb, the compelling Mughal. A majestic Gurudwara constructed on the bank of the waterway is known as Gurudwara Palang Sahib. A bed (palang) housed in this Gurudwara is accepted to have been utilized by the Guru.

Panchvaktra Temple

As one who holds the five elements earth, water, discuss, fire and ether together, the five headed Shiva at Panchvaktra Sanctuary could be a highly revered shrine. Located at the intersection of Suketi with Beas waterway, the temple has very scenic surroundings.

Trilokinath Temple

Manifest as the all effective ruler presiding over the three universes of heaven, soil and hell that is portrayed within the three headed symbol at the Trilokinath Sanctuary, this can be one of the foremost critical sanctuaries of Mandi.

Joginder Nagar

Named after Raja Joginder Sen, a august head of a state, this excellent slope station is where the 163 km long Kangra valley contract gage rail track ends. The rail line was laid within the early portion of the 20th century to develop one of the country’s to begin with hydro-electric projects.

An electric trolley ride that takes a guest up a soak and rough confront to a 2,500 meter mountain top and after that drops down on the other side into Barot valley is a awesome fascination at Jogindernagar. At Barot, on River Uhl, is the supply that feeds the turbines of the hydroelectric plant.

At a separate of 56 km from Mandi, Jogindernagar moreover has numerous enterprise sports activities like mountain biking, camping and trekking to enjoy in.

Barot valley

Nestled in a laid back but exceptionally scenic valley, Barot is celebrated for gaming trout angle. The snow bolstered Waterway Uhl is well stock with the intriguing angle by a breeding center at Barot. Ample opportunities for trekking and camping exist in the valley. The place can be reached by street as it were and is 67 km from Mandi and 40 km from Jogindernagar.

Important Numbers:

Tourist Information Centre, Mandi : 01905-225036.

Deputy commissioner Mandi : 01905-225201