Have you ever wondered where there are so many boring waterfalls? This may be the case on the way to the famous town of Mohsin Ram when your vehicle crosses a waterfall flowing down the mountainside.
The Mosin Lamu Plateau region is famous for its world-record rainfall, but many other things are special about this region. Krem Puri is the longest sand cave in the world. Once you get to the entrance you have to go down one of the valley’s cliffs.

The maze was recently mapped, and visitors must bring the appropriate cave equipment and a local guide to enter.
Wildlife enthusiasts can trek deep into the jungle at Phlangwanbroi Village, famous for its protected gibbon population. Krem Dam, a large cave with underground water channels and a beach, is another popular attraction to inspire your adventure.
Mawlyngbna is one of the best places to visit for adventurers in the Mawsynram region, famous for the beautiful Umkhakoi Lake and water sports such as canoeing and swimming.

 The Weighting Lakeside Camp in the nearby village of Phlang Mawsyrpat is a popular choice for serious travelers looking to spend quality time in this beautiful part of Meghalaya. While in Mawlyngbna, don’t miss the famous archaeological site that shows the history of the underwater world, which is millions of years old. Split Rock is one of the strange places – a large rock that has been split in two, an event associated with the 8th earthquake in Assam in 1897.

Mount Lum Symper and the Mawjymbuin Caves are popular spots on the way to Mawsynram. Many villages here have guest houses and community-run homes, and visitors are advised to stay here for at least one night to enjoy the fresh nature trails and early bird watching.
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Mauveran Sacred Forest
Khasi customs and traditions have been woven into the land and forests for centuries. One of these forests is still important today – the Sacred Forest of Mauvran. Visitors are not allowed to take anything from this sacred forest, even pebbles or branches.

The darkness of the trees above and the soft humus under your feet will take you back to the past, in contrast to the green vegetation and pine trees of the surrounding hills.
In addition to rare plants, fungi, and trees, the forest is also home to coronation sites and ancient rituals.

 Here the Khasi king met with the traditional leader (Ki Lyngdoh) and installed a new ruler. These places are carved with large stones that remind us of the past when the surrounding forests spread.
Moffran’s sacred forest is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to its conservation message.

After immersing yourself in the greenery and exploring the forest, visit the traditional Khasi village where you can admire the various architectural and vernacular designs.