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Let the wild corners of Meghalaya embrace you, Nokrek, a land of legends and animals. Designated a Biosphere Reserve in 2009, Nokrek epitomizes the beauty of the Garo Hills, and the Daribokgre Trek is the best way to experience this beauty.

At the beginning of this 16 km route, you will first pass through volcanic terrain full of dense forests, plantations and pleasant villages before entering pristine forestsA place on the outskirts of the reserve is Chandigre Village, which consists of small houses and old buildings. Surrounded by tea and coffee plantations, this village is a great place for those who want to experience the Garo style.

Chandigarh is a great place to explore Nokrek. The nearby Rongbondare waterfall is a spectacular sight. Nokrek is the best place to see the Hooze-browed Gibbon, a primate species found in these mountains. Their amazing calls echo through the tree nest, providing the soundtrack of your journey. Some of the country’s herds of Asian elephants roam this biological reserve, and Nokrek is home to some of the world’s oldest citrus groves.
Balpa Ram
Balpakram, the “Land of the Everwind”, may not be known to the outside world, but it is an important part of Garo lore.

 Its unexplored forests, large cliffs and flowing rivers have many stories of the paranormal, including stories of hunting “mandebirds” and forest people from the book of cryptozoologist.

If these facts don’t inspire you to explore the jungle trails, Balparam National Park is also rich in flora and fauna, including the endangered wild buffalo. Balpakram is known as the land of spirits according to local legends and the experience here combines nature with mystery.

 As you travel through the beautiful Garo landscape, you should expect surprises along the way, including an abundance of potted plants, an insect mystery that delights botanists. The mighty Simsang river characterizes this land.

At the top of the plain, you can see views of the main canyon of the park and the many waterfalls that flow down the cliff. Despite its small size, Balpakram is considered to be the ultimate destination for rare plant and animal species found nowhere else.

 In winter, you can see elephants and other animals, and this is also the time when the orchids bloom. Siju Cave and rock formations
Visiting Siju Cave is like stepping into the heart of the earth, with unique visuals and structures that are enough to stir one’s imagination.
On the way, you can enjoy a short walk in the forest, including crossing a fast mountain stream. A fenced path has been created to take you through an area of ​​amazing rocks hidden among lush vegetation.

Then we arrived at the tall, high and curved entrance of Siju Cave. As you enter the depths of the labyrinth, the light of the outside world turns to stone.

Many bats call this place home – “Siju” means “bat cave” – ​​and you can also walk along the underground river. There are pools and waterfalls in the cave system.
The full extent of Siju Cave has yet to be mapped, but we do know that it is one of the longest cave systems in the world.

The National Tourism Board operates a tourist center in Siju, which is surrounded by greenery, making it a perfect base for exploring the caves and nearby tourist spots.

 If you want to explore the depths of the cave with proper equipment and guidance, the Meghalaya Adventurers Association can arrange cave tours. It’s not just the famous cave that makes Siju so beautiful. The Western State Bird Sanctuary is a great place for nature lovers. The forests here are home to many migratory species, including Siberian ducks, as well as local residents such as hornbills and the rare peacock. The Simsang river and the nearby nature reserve give you an intimate experience of the rugged landscape and wilderness of the Garo Hills.