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Nongriat Root Bridges is Descending on the double-decker root bridge at Nongriat is amazing. You start at the top of the valley near the village of Tyrna and descend about 3000 steps. There are many amazing views and natural features to enjoy along the way.
The root bridges of Meghalaya are a mystery and an important part of ancient Khasi life, dating back to the time of traveling through dense forests and crossing fast-flowing rivers.

The Double-Stage Arch Bridge at Nungriat is unique for its multi-layered structure, and this beautiful example of botanical architecture has been around for many years.

There are several nearby pools surrounded by rocks where you can sit and relax, and food stalls are set up so you won’t be hungry after the tour.
Are you ready for more adventures? After crossing the two-story bridge, it’s a short but powerful trip to Rainbow Waterfall, known for its turquoise pools and rocks. Past the peaceful areca palm plantations, then on to the jungle trails – the views are great at the end of this long journey.
The Nongriat Root Bridge requires a certain level of health to reach. Give yourself a full day to complete the walk – it’s best to spend the night at one of the many guesthouses, as you’ll have the chance to enjoy the beautiful views and return from your speed
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Visitors to Meghalaya often overlook the Pinursla region as it lies on the way to popular destinations such as Dawki and Molinon, but this heavily forested region is known for its steep slopes and beautiful views. There are many secrets to this path.
The village of Mawyrnot is home to several root bridges that can be reached by a short and comfortable walk through the natural forests.

The diversity of the landscape of Pynursla will surprise you. From the lush, wet forests of the hills, you can head to the high grasses and dive into the beautiful, pine-filled landscape of Langkawi, known for its small lakes.

For those interested in a jungle camping trip, Rangthylliang Village is another starting point. Pynursla is a great place to enjoy the waterfall – the Wah Rymben Waterfall does not attract visitors, so this is a unique addition to your list – this waterfall should come from Lapalang. A short descent from the village of Lapalang.
The Pinursla region is not only a land of living root bridges but also famous for its fruit and forest products. If you visit in winter, be sure to bring a bag of the famous local oranges