There are hidden stories everywhere in Sora, including rivers, waterfalls, and mist-covered hills. It is also the place where civilizations met, the cultural center of Khasi, and the gateway to the colonial era. The terrain comes alive during the monsoons, and the dry season offers blue skies, making for beautiful hiking and trekking.

 The Sora region is synonymous with waterfalls. The tumbling Nokarikai and the thundering Dainthren are the fairy tale settings of the immortal Khasi people, and the three-tier Waysawdon is hidden in a lush forest.

Sora offers countless attractions and adventures. The more time you spend here, the more surprises you will experience. Sohra offers a wide range of accommodation options, from the luxurious Jiva Resort and Polo Orchid Resort to cozy homestays with a local feel. Destinations around Sora include Nongriat and Qatar Shnon.

Arwa Caves – Sora
The entrance to Arwa Caves is straight out of the Arabian Nights, a large recessed chamber that opens into a complex series of caves. Arwa Caves is one of the most famous caves in Meghalaya and is easily accessible to general visitors. This place is famous for its fossils, which can be seen especially in the illuminated interior towards the end of the cave. Fossilized crustacean shells and fish bones can be found in the cave’s limestone walls.

Besides being a place for natural history lovers, Arwa will surprise you with its many twists and turns. It’s a maze where one moment you’re walking under the high ceilings of a cave, and the next you’re sliding down narrow passageways. It leads to other sections. Underwater streams have flowed through these ancient cave formations for thousands of years.

The walk to Arwa Caves is very picturesque, with an enchanting path beautifully carved through the dense vegetation. At one point, the trail passes over the slopes of Lothinna Hill, offering great views of the waterfall and surrounding valley. There are seating areas near the trail where you can relax and enjoy the views.

Dain Sleng Waterfall – Thora
Daintree is one of the most impressive sights, a waterfall that cascades through the hard rocks and plateaus of Thora and into the lush forest. It is also a place of cultural importance to the Khasi people.
During the dry season, you can navigate the hard rocky, and porous riverbed that leads to the waterfall. According to local folklore, a great battle took place here. Suren was a giant serpent who was the embodiment of evil but was eventually defeated by the inhabitants of an ancient village now called Thora.

The roar of Dain Sleng Falls, the wide open countryside, the surrounding hills, and the capricious winds that always blow here provide the perfect setting for such a great legend.

Dain Sleng Waterfall is a straight waterfall with a height of about 80 meters. Observation decks are located on either side of the falls, allowing you to see the falls’ natural splendor up close to the safety of a railing.

 You can also explore the area around Dainslen on foot. From wandering cows to rare birds, many surprises await you as you follow rolling grassy hills and streams dotted with small hills and streams.

 There are many beautiful spots along the way where you can stop and enjoy the scenery. This area also has resorts and picnic areas. Another fascinating sight is Wai So Dong Waterfall, located downstream of Dain Sleng Waterfall.

Mousemai Cave – Sora
You don’t need to be a professional caver to get a glimpse of Meghalaya’s cave system. Not far from Sora, Mausmai Cave is an easy tourist attraction to access and explore. Inside the cave, there are some places where you have to squeeze or crawl, which adds to the experience of caving.

 The route of Mausmai Cave, which is open to tourists, is not very long and very safe, so do not miss this unique opportunity. This cave is also famous for its fossils, some of which you can discover if you take the time to observe the walls and strata inside.
The country’s 10 longest caves (and counting) are all in Meghalaya. These underground networks are spread across the southern mountain range like a complex network of channels formed by limestone erosion and constant water flow. MouseMy offers a glimpse into this fascinating world that lies beneath our feet.

Access to Mausmai Cave is convenient. It’s just a short walk through dense woodland where you can hear the constant sounds of birdsong and insects. Many travelers prefer to relax after visiting the caves or take a walk in the surrounding forest.
How to reach Mausmai Caves – The busy and scenic Shillong-Sohra road takes you to Mausmai. Leave the rolling grasslands behind and follow the edge of a vast, lush canyon.

If you want a quick chai and a great view, we recommend stopping at Mauk Dok. You can also enjoy ziplining at this popular pit stop.

Noh Ka Likai Falls – Sohra

At over 1,000 feet high, Noh Ka Likai reigns supreme in India’s waterfalls. Located on the southern ridge of the state, it offers a spectacular view with a backdrop of majestic cliffs, deep springs, and dense forests at the base. Formed by the many rivers flowing through the Meghalaya plateau over millions of years, Nokalikai has an even greater cultural significance – it has one of the most tragic stories still told today.

Rika is the protagonist of a crazy story that ends when she mistakenly eats a child killed and cooked by her evil grandfather, and in a fit of madness and rage, she jumps from a waterfall near her home Noh Ka Likai translates as “where Likai jumps”. Seeing Noh Ka Likai up close is amazing. One can climb to the top of the waterfall and admire the view of the valley through a huge hole like a door in the rock, like a scene from a medieval fantasy book. You can walk through the thick forest to reach the base of the waterfall. Make sure you use a guide – and if you are a local expert, you will enjoy the wealth of knowledge of the local people about the forest.

This hike takes you through amazing changes in landscape and vegetation—from tall grasses and mighty trees to tropical tropical paradises in the lowlands—all in a matter of hours.

Waterfall Noh Sgithiang – Sohra
There aren’t many reasons to go out in the rain, but the windy season at Sohra turns that idea upside down. At over 300 meters high, Noh Sngi Thiang Waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in India.

It hung like a great treasure on a stone cliff, split into seven pieces, and fell to the misty forest plain. Because of this unique structure that has been separated, this waterfall is also known as the Seven Falls.

Photo enthusiasts will love to spend the whole day capturing the various colors created by the sun and seawater – a sunset is something special. The view here is unique because the height of the table on the plain drops to reveal a seat on the side.
Sohra Ecological Park is located next to the Noh Sngithian Waterfall, a good place if you want to admire the Sohra waterfalls, emerald canyons, and lush hills, which are visible from here.

The interesting thing about this park is a small river with a bridge that you have to cross to get a good view. Apart from the mountains of southern Meghalaya, we can also admire the beautiful scenery of the plains of Bangladesh, especially when the clouds are clear.

Heading to Nongsngsngithiang Waterfalls – If you are traveling from Shillong, the road to Nongsngsngithiang Waterfalls can be easily confused. These natural attractions include many long tours that include places such as Mawsmai Cave, Noh Ka Likai Waterfall, and Kohh Ramhah. Many tourists like to stop at the beautiful Mawkdok Bridge, which is in the middle of a short and beautiful drive.