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07. Jain Temple

Dating back to the 13th century, this ancient Jain temple stands proudly as a testament to the strong presence of Jainism in Kerala. It features Vijayanagar-style architecture with beautiful carvings inside.

 It is the holiest site for Jainism and initially served as a place of worship, but later became an important center of business activity. Finally, it was also used to store ammunition by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century.

Managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, the Jain temple attracts large numbers of Jains every year for the Mahavira Jayanti festival, which is celebrated by the local people with zeal and enthusiasm to spread the teachings of Mahavira. On this day, the idol of Mahavira is brought to the temple and worshiped by all the followers of Jainism.

 Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Jain temples in Wayanad.

Opening hours: Open from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm. Exploration time: 30 minutes to 1 hour Best time to travel: September to March


8. Lakkidi View Point

Surrender yourself to the majestic sights of nature at Lakkidi Observation Deck.

Lakkidi Viewpoint is a popular visual destination, offering a bird’s-eye view of the city and surrounding area, as well as majestic views of misty mountains that will leave you mesmerized.

It is considered a famous picnic spot for families with children who want to create unforgettable memories and is also called the ‘Gateway of Wayanad’.

What makes this viewpoint even more appealing is the thrill of driving to this point as it is nothing short of an experience for those who love road trips filled with lush vegetation, valleys, streams, etc.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. There are also plenty of opportunities to click Instagram-worthy photos.

Entrance Fee: There is no need to pay anything to explore the area around Lakkidi Viewpoint. Time: any time of the day

Exploration time: 3-4 hours Best time to visit: early morning until evening


 Observation Deck Promising the most exciting and adventurous trekking experience for all trekkers in Wayanad, Neelimala Viewpoint is a must-visit destination for those who want to do something special during their journey.

There are some great hiking trails to enjoy breathtaking views and green valleys as you climb to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill, you can enjoy breathtaking views of lush green vegetables and stunning views of Meenmatti waterfalls that further enhance the overall beauty.

If you are a bird watcher, you can spot different bird types.

Entrance Fee: No entry fee to Neelimala Viewpoint.

Business Hours: Available anytime from 9 am to 5 pm.

Exploration time: 2-3 hours Best time to travel: January to May, September to December


Bird Sanctuary Take a few hours out of your busy schedule and spend some time observing the beautiful birds on a Wayanad sightseeing tour to Pakshipatalam Bird Sanctuary.

Surrounded by dense forests, Paksipataram Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for birdwatchers and a natural habitat that provides shelter to rare species of birds.

 It is a wonderful place visited by many ornithologists every year and can also be visited by nature lovers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To spend some celebratory time during your visit to Paksipatalam Bird Sanctuary, join him on his 3-hour trek through streams, hills, and rock caves to get close to nature and feel the rush of adrenaline in your body.

It is recommended. Hiking is open to everyone from beginners to experts, so there’s no need to worry even if you’re new to outdoor sports.

Entrance fee: 50 INR per person for Indian citizens and 200 INR per person for foreigners.

Business hours: Anytime from 6 am to 6 pm

 Exploration time: 3-4 hours Best time to travel: October to January

 11.Lake Pukode

If you are planning an itinerary to explore the top tourist spots in Wayanad, then add Pookode Lake to your list. A magnificent freshwater lake surrounded by the green forests of the Western Ghats, its crystal clear pristine water attracts the attention of leisure travelers.

Spread over an area of ​​8.5 hectares, Phukode Lake is known for its freshwater aquarium, blue lotus flowers, and bird species commonly seen in the area.

You can go boating, and buy handicrafts and quality spices at the mall, and if you have kids, you can also visit the kids’ park. All in all, it’s safe to say that a quick visit to Phukode Lake will fill your day, especially if you want to enjoy its picturesque beauty and enchanting atmosphere.

Entrance fee: 10 rupees per adult, 5 rupees per child. If you are interested in boating, you have to pay 100 INR for 20 minutes for 2 people.

Business Hours: Available anytime from 9 am to 5 pm. Exploration time: 1-2 hours Best time to travel: August to May

 12.Kulva Island

Everyone wants to spend some time alone in the tranquility of nature, and that’s fine, right? One of the places in Wayanad where you can have a similar experience is Kulva Island.

Located in the middle reaches of the Kabini River, Kuruba Island is a beautiful paradise where people of all ages can entertain their minds and soothe their inner souls in the most beautiful surroundings. Walk hand in hand with your loved one and have an intimate conversation with nature itself.

 On the nature trail, you can also cross various bridges made of bamboo and discover rare flora and fauna that you have never heard of before.

The evergreen forest that surrounds this place from all sides is the perfect place for tourists to find peace and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Some areas of the island are easily explored on foot, while others require exploration by boat or raft. Both activities are organized by the Kerala Tourism Department and are undoubtedly the best activities on the island.

You can also go on a river safari or trekking for a lifetime of memories.

Entry Fee: INR 80 per person for Indian nationals and INR 150 per person for foreign travelers

Timings: Anytime between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM

Exploration Time: 3-4 hours

Best Time to Visit: October to March

13. Wayanad Heritage Museum

If you want to do something different from the usual sightseeing on your Wayanad tour, your next stop is the Wayanad Cultural Heritage Museum. The Wayanad Cultural Heritage Museum is considered the largest archaeological museum in Kerala and is widely known for offering tourists an in-depth knowledge of bygone eras.

It contains fascinating artifacts and many ancient artifacts excavated from nearby sites such as Sultan Bathery and Ambarabayil. Famous items found here include clay postures, weapons, stone carvings, and tribal artifacts dating back to the 12th, 14th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

Entrance fee: 20 rupees per person

Business Hours: Available anytime from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Exploration time: 1-2 hours Best time to travel: September to March


14.Tirunelli temple

Dedicated to the Hindu community, Tirunelli Temple is the most spiritual and religious place in Kerala and is dedicated to the presiding deity Vishnu.

There is an interesting story that Lord Brahma himself, who is believed to have built this temple, placed an idol of Lord Vishnu here and it has been standing there ever since.

Surrounded by the Brahmagiri Hills, Tirunelli Temple stands out from other temples in the state due to its prime location with unparalleled tranquility and a peaceful aura that characterizes its atmosphere. A sacred mountain stream said to have healing powers that wash away all sins.

Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee to Tirunelli Temple in Wayanad.

Opening hours: 5:30am to 12pm, then 5:30pm to 8pm.

Exploration time: 1-2 hours Best time to travel: September to March

15.Ripon Tea Factory

 If you’re in the city for a day or a week, be sure to visit the Ripon Tea Factory in Wayanad. Ripon Tea Factory is spread over 443 hectares and is located at an altitude of approximately 2,000 meters above ground level.

 It serves as an idyllic weekend getaway retreat for those who want to explore the different flavors of delicious tea. It is definitely a great place for tea lovers, but it can also be visited by tourists who want to taste its refreshing taste for the first time.

 Built by the British in the 18th century, the Ripon Tea Factory boasts a prime location surrounded by lush greenery. It’s a place where you can not only learn the whole process of making tea leaves, but also see how the daily bed tea is made. As a tea lover, this is a place that you can be proud of as you can have a completely different experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Yes, that is the beauty of this place. On your way home, be sure to buy your favorite tea as a souvenir for your loved ones. By doing so, you can enjoy the taste with peace of mind and keep the memories of your visit for a long time.

Admission Fee: Admission to the Ripon Tea Factory is free. However, if the authorities ask you to pay a minimum fee, don’t hesitate to do so. We are confident that the price/performance ratio is appropriate.

 Business Hours: Available anytime from 9am to 5pm.

Exploration time: 1 hour

Best time to travel: October to May



 Escape from city life for a while by visiting the town of Visili. Known for its old-fashioned charm with cottages, Vitiri town is a small and beautiful town that offers visitors a relaxing atmosphere to relax and unwind after a long and busy day of sightseeing in Wayanad.

 There is an abundance of picturesque tourist spots where you can feel the true beauty of nature and breathe fresh air, walking through the forests along the hills and rivers. Here you can experience a simple lifestyle in log cabins, treehouses, and cottages equipped with modern, state-of-the-art amenities for an unforgettable vacation.

During your free time, you can have fun exploring the nearby attractions like Phukode Lake, Meenmatti Waterfalls and Chembra Peak. Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee to visit Vitiri town in Wayanad.

Time: any time of the day Exploration time: 1 day

Best time to travel: October to April


17.Lake Calrad

If you’re traveling with your family or kids, this is a must-see. Kalad Lake, the adventure hub of Wayanad, is one such place that promises to fill your day with lots of fun, thrill and excitement with a number of activities that will enchant everyone.

Among the many activities you can do here, rock climbing, kayaking, bamboo rafting, boating, and nature walks are a few recreational sports that are favored by almost all age groups.

You can also bring a picnic basket or cardboard games and have some fun with your friends.

Entry Fee: For Indian nationals, it charges INR 30 per person for adults and INR 10 per person for children. For foreigners, the entry fee is INR 60 per person for adults and INR 20 per person for children.

  • Timings: Anytime between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day
  • Exploration Time: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time to Visit: October to January