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Sun Temple: A Visual Journey

Sun Temple, Odisha
Sun Temple, Odisha
Sun Temple, Odisha

Historical Timeline of Sun Temple


The Konyalak Sun Temple in eastern India best example of a temple, famous for its shape, size, proportions, and the powerful statement of the decoration of the sculpture. A beautiful image of the Orissa kingdom, a lasting example of divine involvement, and in this sense is an important god worship. Surya. It is related to the religious systems of Brahmanism and Tantra.

A truly creative work in concept and practice, this temple depicts 12 wheels, to remind us of his movements in the sky These are interspersed with descriptions of the world and current events. There are 24 wheels, each 3 meters in diameter, carved with patterns representing the seasons and moon cycles. The construction of the temple chariot has been completed.

The vimana (main temple), topped by a tall tower bearing the symbol of a shikhara (crown). The Nathmandir (dancing hall) on the eastern side is roofless, standing on a raised platform. Many gates, towers, and other buildings can still be seen within the walls of the city square.

His beautiful, detailed writings remain an important window into the religion, politics, and society of his time. Sun temples are directly related to the thought and belief in the incarnation of the Surya deva as described in the ancient texts. The sun plays an important role in myths and legends because it is a god, history, ancestor, family, woman, and offspring. In addition, this work is about the details of all his works of art, the best thing is that it took 12 years and 1,200 workers to create this work. Of course. This also speaks of the power of Bi’s art to his son, the subject of his Moharana.

He is the family now). ) then join. The place and the name Konyarak are important symbols of all the associations mentioned above, and its architectural structure is related to the Brahmanical and Tantric practices.

Cosen as a necessary attribute to emphasize the great international value of the Temple of the Sun in Cognac. The area of ​​property writing and protection incorporates the archaeological sites preserved in the area, its structures and sculptures are preserved, demonstrating the unique features of nature in design, drawing and carving aids .

Furthermore, protected areas are areas with the potential to discover unexplored archaeological sites, thereby increasing awareness of their universal value. The identified threats and threats to heritage integrity are development pressures. Renewal and urban development affecting the heritage environment. Environmental pressures: deforestation from hurricanes and human activities, salt winds and sandblasting, traffic and microtourism pressures.

Natural disasters: floods and hurricanes. In order to better manage the site, it is proposed to expand the site boundary and site through land acquisition. Tuth The original form and design of the Sun deva temple the existing buildings, their position within the complex, their structure, and the general relationship between sculpture and architecture.

Various aspects of the Sun Temple’s structure, carvings, decorations and details have been preserved in style and materials. Konark, while maintaining the above features of the Surya deva temple, spirit and strong emotions associated with the building, which is reflected in the vibrant cultural activities associated with this day house, such as the Chandrabhanga festival.