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Badrinath Temple: A Visual Journey

Badrinath Temple
Badrinath Temple

Historical Timeline of Badrinath Temple


The beautiful main entrance of the temple is called as Singhwara. This temple is¬† 50 meters high and has a small building with a golden crown on top. The Badrinath has three parts: 1. garbhagriha, 2.¬† rituals are performed in dhrshan mandap, and 3. sabha place where pilgrims rest. At the entrance of the Badalinath temple, to the right of the main deity statue, there is an idol of Badgad which is the vehicle/carrier of Lord Narayan. Galdos sat with folded hands in prayer. The mandapa has intricate carvings on its walls and pillars. The¬† Garbha Griha local dress is covered with a layer of gold threads. It is dedicated to Lord Badali Narayan, Kubur (god of wealth), Rishi Narad and Uddhava (Uddhava, Naru and Narayan). There are 15 statues in this building. The main attraction is the one meter tall black carved statue of Lord Badrinath. He first took shelter in a cave near the hot springs of Taptkund. It is a symbol of Lord Vishnu sitting in a meditation posture called ‘Padmasan’. Darshan Mandap: Lord Badali Narayan is holding a ceremonial shell in¬† high yoga position with chakras in both hands. Badali Narayan appeared under the Badali tree,¬† Kuber and Garuda, Narayan and Nar. You see, to the right¬† of Badalinarayana is Uddhava. You can see Nala and Narayana on the right. Narada Rush is standing in the foreground on the right, but it’s hard to see. On the other side is Kubera. Garuda kneels to the left¬† in front of Badali Narayana.


The ideal time to visit Badrinath Temple is from May to October. The temple is closed from October/ November and is reopened around April.

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Badrinath (Yatri Niwas)

5 holy places of Badrinath

Badrinath, a tourist destination in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is full of secrets and legends.¬† I can’t travel in winter. The reason is that Lord Badrinath was staying at the Narsingh temple .¬† Start your trip and visit the tourist attractions of Badrinath Dam.

Badrinath temple

Lord Hari performed great penance. Goddess Mata Mahalakshmi turned her eyes to the Badri tree to protect her from bad weather. This temple is located at 3133 meters and is one¬† (V) Badri temple. The legends say that the gods surrounded these icy peaks. Must-visit religious places in Badrinath. Devotees can be seen queuing up waiting for the ‘darshan’ (worship) of this deity. Shops courtyard of the temple sell small sugar cubes (nakuldana) .

¬†Facade of the temple is made of curved windows and stone. Raja Garhwal built a temple to house the idol of the god. The current building of extensive repairs following damage caused by landslides and earthquakes. . He sits in a meditative space surrounded by statues of deities such as Ganesha, Garuda and Hubal. As we entered the unlit sanctuary and gazed at the sights of Badrinath, our hearts were filled with a deep sense of holiness. A powerful aura seemed to emanate from every corner. God’s true holiness seems to be connected to us in reality. His 15 idols are enshrined near the temple. Charan Paduka

Approximately 3 kilometers from the main hall, there is a place where the footprints of Lord Vishnu are found. The road here is narrow and steep, and the journey takes about an hour. The tranquility of the area and the breathtaking views of the glaciers are a feast for the eyes. This is one of his holy places in Badrinath. About 300 meters is a monument marking the birthplace of Badrinath Narayan. Google didn’t mention this area in its recommendations, but we decided to give it a try. According to legend, the god Shiva, and goddess Parvati stayed in the temple. God left the boy at home, and he and his little wife went to bathe in the river.¬† The streets of Badrinath town and crossed a small bridge¬† over the river. We came to a place where there was a protruding black rock (similar to the rock that gave birth to Goddess Badrinath) and a signboard with a message written on it.

There is another temple  nearby

Mata Murti Mandir, Brahma Kapal and Sheshnetra. Matamurti Temple ‚Äď Mother Temple dedicated to Mother Naar and Narayan.¬† He has two seasonal lakes along the Alaknanda coast. A huge rock in the shape of the famous serpent Sesh Nag. In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu returned here with a snake. Rock caves are natural formations and major tourist attractions. The great peak of Neelkantha in Badrinath looks like this. The snow on the mountain peaks turned into waves of steam created by the warm¬† afternoon sun. It seems like God lives here!